Bowls Notes 17th February 2017

posted 19 Feb 2017, 01:29 by Bowls Committee
Friday 17th saw the Women of Bundaberg Bowls play the Men of Bundaberg bowls.  Sadly the women lost but we had quote a few very happy chaps after the game.  the results are as follows:-  
1.  M. Ole, J. Scougall and J. Clough defeated G. Roberts, H. Schmidt and Jenny Burmeister, 
 2.  V, Schmidt, H. Sparke,J. Francis defeated D. Dolan, D. Francis and L. Scougall, 
3.  B. Hoffstetter,  D. Peterson,, and G. Mallet defeated M. Peterson, J.Barrett and S. Sparke.who won Sportsmen’s prize
4.  S. Gastaldon, E. Angove and M. Nicol defeatedP. Grant, J. Reed and L. Lathouras who were the Winners on the day.

Competition call for FRIDAY 24TH February AT 1.00 P.M.:
Championship Singles,  G.Roberts  v  J. Reed  Marker L. Scougall
Championship Pairs:  E. Angove, and B. Elworthy  v  P..Grant and J. Wilkie

Up coming events:   Armed Bowling Day on Friday 3rd February,  We will need a few more teams to nominate so please get your nomination in as soon as possible.  $25 p\er person and this is with morning and afternoon tea, lunch and Green Fees.  We guarantee you an
enjoyable day of Bowls at the Bundaberg Bowls Club.

Our Ladies Open Fours on 31st March is now open and nominations are starting to trickle in,  We know the weather isn't too kind, but we have plenty of refreshments at the Club to keep you cool.  Entries in as soon as possible please Ladies.

District Ladies Open Fours 6th and 7th April,2017 is  being held at Bundaberg Bowls Club.  As we are hosting this event we should make a concerted effort to have as many of our members playing in this event.  Remember, it’s not the winning that counts, it’s the participation.

Bowlers visiting our City can enjoy a game of bowls at the Bundaberg Bowls Club Tuesdays, Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays commencing at 1.00 p.m. with names in by 12.30p.m