Bowls Notes 17th June 2016

posted 20 Jun 2016, 00:27 by Bowls Committee   [ updated 11 Jul 2016, 15:22 ]
Results from 17th June, 2016:   Graded Fours  -  C. Neilson, P. Grant, K. Ole and B. Elworthy defeated J. Reed. G. Browning. J. Barrett and L.Scougall.    S.Gastaldon. H. Schmidt J. Burmeister and B. Francis defeated D.Dolan. M.Foster, C.Marcinkus and E. Hopton.   Social -  E. Angove, L. Lathouras and H. Sparke defeated M. Petersen, L. Lathouras and S. Sparke.

Competition for 24th June at 1.00 p.m., Presidents Triples -  J. Reed, K. Ole and  E. Hopton  V  E. Angove, L. Lathouras and D.Francis.        S. Gastaldon, L. Burmeister and L. Scougall  V  D. Dolan, P.Grant and S..Sparke.

By the time this goes too print, the Armed Bowling Competition will be over.  The mystery of whether we will get a storm or not will be known.  It has been a challenge getting teams together, and I look forward to next year’s Event and we will be having a change of date and format.   I thank those who have travelled, a team from Victoria, one from Ipswich and one from Hervey Bay.  Thanks also to our Green Keeper, Peter Bock for advising us of the change in weather conditions for the last three day before the event, and for having the green running well.

The Open Triples is our next big event and this will be held on the 5th August.  The Sheet is up on the board for you to put your team up and the Flyers are going out to all of the clubs in Bundaberg and also to many outside of our District
For further information on the triples,pleases contact Kay Ole