Bowls Notes 24th February 2017

posted 25 Feb 2017, 19:38 by Bowls Committee
Results ‘Friday  25th February, 2017:  Championship Singles G. Roberts    defeated  J.Reed.   Championship Pairs,   E.Angove and B.Elworthy defeated J. Wilkie and P. Grant.

Social:  D.  Dolan, V Schmidt and L. Lathouras had a draw with H,  Schmiidt, M. Hunt and M. Nichol The game ended at 23 all after 10 ends and  5 winning ends each.   In this case it was decided they all would share the prize money.   

COMPETITION CALL FOR 10TH MARCH AT 1.00 P.M.  Championship Fours:  J. Wilkie, M. Foster, C. Neilson and L. Brash plays E. Angove, S.Gastaldon, L. Lathouras and C. Marcinkus.   J. Barrett, H. Schmidt, G. Roberts and B. Elworwthy  plsdays D. Dolan, E. Penny, D.Francis and S. Sparke.

  Ladies, please be advised that our Post Box number has changed and our new address will be P.O. Box 15 from now on.

We could still have some nominations for the  Armed Bowling competition on 3rd March.   This is all day with 2 round17ends of mixed triples.    A light lunch will be served and this is inclluded in the cost.  that is $25 per person.   Our prize money will be $225 for the overall winning team,  Runners-up team will receive $150,  and each round winning team will receive $75;  Teams can only win one prize.   Entries,  Call Games Director Barbara Elworthy     or Ass. Gams Director,  Kay Ole 

Entries are starting too build for our Ladies Open Fours on the 31st March.  $1500 prize money is offered and we will pay down to 5th Place and two lucky draws as well.

To all Bowlers visiting our area,|  If you want a friendly, enjoyable afternoon of bowls, then please call in to our Club on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays at 12.30 p.m. to put your name down at the office and if you require any further details, then please phone Barbara Elworthy, our Games Director , or Mr. John Cough,