Bowls Notes 27th May 2016

posted 28 May 2016, 20:06 by Bowls Committee

BOWING ARM TRIPLES;   Having spoken with the Armed Bowling Association of Australia who have kindly put our flyer on their website, it was suggested that we cut down the number of ends as most who use a bowling arm are older or have a disability and are slower than non bowlers.  When these types of competitions are run in Victoria and Ipswich, they only play between 12 and 15 ends.  Several people from outside our district were unable to play 21 ends so we have now changed the format and we will be playing 2 games of 15 ends.  We are already getting more teams in with this change.  We do hope that this does not inconvenience any of the bowlers who have already nominated and we sincerely hope that you will remain in the competition.

Results from Friday 27th May, 2016:   Skip and Thirds:  Margaret Foster and Jenny Burmeister defeated Janet Reed and Kay Ole.  Patroness Triples:  S. Gastaldon, H. Schmidt (Sub) and B. Elworthy defeated  B. Pershouse, L. Lathouras and C. Marcinkus.   President Carol wishes to Congratulate to the winners.  Both were great games.
Social results:  D.Dolan and E. Angove defeated R. Emery and S Sparke 

Upcoming Events:   P.P. Day on Friday 3rd June.   Everything is now in order for this day.
Bundaberg Trophy Shield team have been selected and they are as follows:  Singles : Shirley Sparke….Pairs:  J. Barrett and C.Marcinkus…..Fours:  E. Angove, H. Schmidt, J. Burmeister and B. Elworthy.  The game will be played on 7th and 8th June at Moore Park.  Good luck ladies.
Our Open Triples are coming up on the 8th August,   Start thinking about your teams and getting your names into me as soon as possible please.