Bowls Notes 11th April 2021

posted 10 Apr 2021, 18:33 by Bowls Committee

Tuesday 6th April: 

Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Bundaberg Eye Clinic:

Samson Green:

Winners: G. Ferguson, V. Mallett, G. Ayreton. Runners Up: L. Poulsen, R. Pershouse, J. Clough. Sportspersons: B. Fryer, A. Holt, R. Hoiberg.

Foundation Green:

Winners: V. Stewart, G. Stewart. Runners Up: M. Troughton, K. Mitchell, R. Russell. Sportsperson: E. Angove, K. Evans, A. Edgerton.  

Thursday 8th April: 

Winners: K. Mitchell, M. Stumbles, B. Hofstetter. Sportspersons: M. Gillam, D. Harding.

Saturday 10th April:

Winners: N. Lincoln, D. Petersen, B. Fryer. Sportspersons: W. George, D. Harding, R. Russell, T. Lincoln.

Competition Results:

Mens Open Pairs: D. Cooke, F. Millerick def J. Scougall, B. Hofstetter.  O. Grabe, R. Russell def M. Gillam, D. Harding.  V. Schmidt, G. Stewart def B. McKinnon, A. Edgerton.

Mens Open Fours: M. Gillam, R. Chambers, R. Sydenham, R. Ribbans def W. George, D. Harding, R. Russell, T. Lincoln.

Mens Open Singles:  G. Mallett def A. Edgerton. R. Pershouse def J. Francis.


Tuesday 13th April:  J. Scougall, L. Scougall.  Thursday 15th April: M. Zacher, D. Harding. Saturday 17th April: R. Ribban.

Competition Call Ladies:  

Thursday 15th April:

Ladies Open Pairs:  L. Scougall, S. Sparke v M. Dick, S. Gastaldon.  J. Alfrey, M. Daly v J. Barrett, M. Nicol.  S. Hucker, J. Reed v H. Schmidt, C. Marcinkus.

Tuesday 27th April:

Ladies Open Triples:   (9.30 a.m. Start)  L. Gillam, D. Howden, J. Reed v J. Aulfrey, L. Scougall, S. Sparke.  (1.00 p.m. Start)  D. Francis, K. Mitchell, C. Marcinkus v J. Nicora, M. Daly, R. Lear.  M. Dick, H. McKinnon, M. Zacher v J. Barrett, H. Schmidt, M. Nicol.    

Competition Call Men :-

Saturday 17th April:

Mens Open Fours:  C. Suzor, B. Hofstetter, J. Clough, B. Mann v R. Moisel, R. Carey, D. Cooke, F. Millerick.

Upcoming Events:    

Members Note - Uniforms must be worn when playing Competition Bowls and on Saturdays for men and Thursdays for ladies.

Tuesday 13th April: Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Advanced Foot Care. Skips responsible for own teams.

Thursday 15th April:  Competition and Social Bowls.

Saturday 17th April: Competition and Social Bowls.

Sunday 18th April:  Mens President Day; Teams of Four mixed or otherwise. (Start 1.00 p.m.)

Tuesday 20th April:  BOM Meeting at 10.00 a.m.  $420.00 Kerry Bolam Memorial Triples Day at 1.00 p.m.

Thursday 27th April:  Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Bundaberg Marineland.

20th and 21st May: Ladies interested in 7 aside Yogi Shield at Woodgate Bowls Club contact Joan Jones to signal your intention.