Bowls Notes 12th November 2016

posted 12 Nov 2016, 23:09 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:- Tuesday $ 360 Day sponsored by Donut King. Winners Sampson Green  Dusco P.Smith B.Lowndes . Runners Up L.Scougall R.Moisel J.Nowell. Sportsmen C.Connolly H.Schmidt P.Brown. Foundation Green Winners P.Gillard K.Ole J.Francis Runners Up  R.Bence C.Smith V.Smith. Sportsmen P.Gelder B.Ross F.Millerick. Thursday Winners W.Downie V.Stewart H.Sparke. Sportsmen V.Schmidt J.Scougall. Saturday Winners  S.White V.Schmidt J.Scougall . Sportsmen D.Petersen B.Foster K.Small . Coming Events 24th. November $420 Day sponsored by Advanced Foot Care. Tuesday 29th November $600 Day sponsored by BUNDABERG MARINELAND. Play starts at 1pm. Open triples Sheet on the board. Reminder we will be having our money days in December and January. Both greens will be available.Christmas closing 23rd. December reopen 10th January. Playing days Tuesday Thursday and Saturday visitors and ladies welcome