Bowls Notes 13th June

posted 19 Jun 2021, 16:53 by Bowls Committee

Tuesday 8th  June : 

Mixed Triples $420 day sponsored by Rudy's Termite and Pest Management: 

Samson Green Winners: E.Lutz, Rod C., A.Edgerton Runners Up: S.Ribbans, S.Smith, R.Ribbans, Sportsman: L.Scougall, J.Scougall, G.Selly.

Foundation Green Winners: M.Zacher, T.Lincoln, D.Harding. Runners Up: M.Hillier, A.Warner, B.Frawley. Sportsman: G.Lock, S.Squirs, B.Peardon.  

Thursday 10th June: Winners: K.Mitchell, D.Howden. Sportsman: V.Schmidt, R.Nikora

Saturday 12th June: 

Mixed Triples $600 day sponsored by Ross Gray Motor City:

Samson Green Winners: M.Hillier, A.Warner, B.Frawley. 1st Runners Up: R.Hoiberg, D.Ivans, G.Hutchinson, 2nd Runners Up: B.Lowndes, M.Stumbles, M.Nicol. Sportsman: B.Lynch, M.Lynch, J.Francis. 

Foundation Green Winners: K.Hilley, S.Smith, R.Ribbans. 1st Runners Up: R.Sydenham, T.Lincoln, D.Harding. 2nd Runners Up: H.Schmidt, D.Petersen, P.Skelton. Sportsman: L.Quinn, K.Itzstein, W.George. 

Mens Competition Results:

B Grade Pairs:  H.Dingle, R.Chambers def. R.Carey, T.Lear.   

Ladies Competition Results:

C/S Pairs: D.Howden, K.Mitchell. def. H.Schmidt, C.Marcinkus.  


Tuesday 15th June: L.Scougall, J.Scougall. Thursday 17th June: M.Nicol, M.Zacher. Saturday 19th June: R. Ribbans, Sunday 20th June: J.Clough.  

Competition Call Ladies:  

Ladies Pennants: Put your name on sheet if wishing to play / be selected. 

Tuesday 15th June:  C/S Fours: S.Sparke, L.Scougall, S.Gastaldon, J.Aulfrey v. S.Warren, D.Howden, L.Gillam, K.Evans.  

Thursday 17th June: C/S Fours Final : Winners of Tues. 15th Game v. D.Francis, K.Mitchell, H.Schmidt, C.Marcinkus. 

Saturday 19th June: C/S Triples Final: S.Hucker, K.Itzstein, S.Warren v. J.Barrett, H.Schmidt, M.Nicol.

Tuesday 22nd June: C/S Singles Final: C.Marcinkus v. S.Warren marker J.Jones.  

Competition Call Men:

Tuesday 15th June: B.Grade Pairs: V.Schmidt, M.Stumbles v. F.Millerick, R.Nikora. 

Tuesday 15th June: B.Grade Singles: D.Harding v. R.Carey marker J.Clough. 

Upcoming Events:    

Tuesday 15th June 10am: BOM meeting All Members Welcome.  1pm Social Bowls and Comps.

Thursday 17th June: Social Bowls and Comps. 

Saturday 19th June: Social Bowls and Comps. 

Sunday 20th June 9am: Semi Finals and Finals McCracken Cup at Bundaberg BC.

Sunday 20th June 9.30am:  InVisit from Past Presidents at Bundaberg BC. Names on the list please.