Bowls Notes 15th November 2020

posted 14 Nov 2020, 16:11 by Bowls Committee

Weeks results:

Tuesday 10th November: sponsored by Bundaberg Marineland

Samson Green:

Winners: S.Squires, G.Lock, B.Peardon. Runners Up: T.Heath, J.Nowell, W.Heath. Sportspersons: E.Lutz, A.Sbrizzi, A.Edgerton.

Foundation Green:

Winners: R.Hoiberg, D.Ivans, V.Sauer. Runners Up: E.Angove, W.Evans, K.Evans. Sportspersons: J.Mallett, L.Poulsen, L.Donaldson. 

Thursday 12th November: sponsored by Bundaberg Bowls Club.

Samson Green:

Winners: G.Cahill, G.Miles, A.Powell. Runners Up: K.Itzstein, M.Stumbles, B.Lowndes. Sportspersons: T.Heath, J.Nowell, J.Nowell.

Foundation Green:

Winners: R.Harvey, B.McDermott, P.Farrell. Runners Up: V.Schmidt,G.VanHaren, R.Ribbans. Sportspersons: S.Hucker, D.Newman, T.Lincoln. 

Saturday 14th November

Winners: B.Lowndes, G.Purches, V.Schmidt. Sportspersons, G.Stewart, Oliver, B.McKinnon 

Competition Results:

Ladies Champ Fours:. N.Lincoln, S.Gastaldon, L.Scougal, S. Sparke def. H.McKinnon, L.Gillam, E.Hopton, C.Marcinkus

Mixed Pairs: P.Skelton, J.Reed def. D.Harding, M.Zacher. 

Competition Call:  

Tuesday 17th Nov.

Ladies Champ Pairs: H.Schmidt,  C.Marcinkus v. L.Gillam, S.Warren.

Thursday 19th Nov.

Ladies Champ.Triples: M.Dick, K.Evans, J.Reed v. D.Dolan, R.Lear, S.Gastaldon. ~  H.McKinnon, L.Gillam, C.Marcinkus v. N.Lincoln, L.Scougall, S.Sparke.

Mixed Pairs: W.Smith, M.Nicol v. B.Hofstetter, J.Jones.

Mens Champ.Pairs: T. Lear, R.Ribbans v.C.Suzor, G.Mallett. 

Selectors:  Tuesday 17th Nov. H.Schmidt, M.Dick. Thursday 19th Nov: J.Scougall L.Scougall.  Saturday 21st Nov. No Bowls  

Upcoming Events:     

Tuesday 17th Nov: 10am Committee meeting All Welcome. 1pm Social Bowls & Comp.

Thursday 19th Nov. Social Bowls & Comp.

Saturday 21st No Bowls & Sunday 22nd ~ Club Booked for Lions Club function both days.

Saturday 21st 6pm Helpers required for Barefoot Bowl group  

Monday 23rd Last Cards and Board Games day

Tuesday 24th Nov. Social Bowls $200 prize money.

Thursday 26th Nov. $420 CC. Electrical sponsored afternoon – Skips responsible for their own team.

Friday 27th Nov. 3pm Barefoot Bowl Group – Helpers needed.

Saturday 28th Nov. 2pm Barefoot Bowl Group – Helpers needed

Sunday 29th Nov. 3pm Barefoot Bowl Group – Helpers needed. 

Thursdays – “Ladies Day” – Ladies in uniform please

Saturdays – “Mens Day” – Men in uniform please.

Donations are now being accepted for our Annual Christmas Raffle. please.

Mixed Social Bowls on normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 1.00 p.m.

All Players need to have your names down on the Sheets or ring John a day prior to the Games to assist John with the organization.  

Please remember your covid responsibilities