Bowls Notes 17th June 2017

posted 18 Jun 2017, 19:00 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:-Tuesday 13 June, Savage Projects $360.00 Mixed Triples, Samson Green, Winners:  J. Reed, K. Aykens, P. Aykens. Runners Up: B. Edgerton, A. Edgerton, G. Van Haren. Sportsman: C. Rankin, D. Jenson, P. Brown. Centenary Green, Winners:  L. O'Shea, C. Nielsen, L. Nielsen.  Runners Up:  B. Pershouse, R. Horwell, B. Stehbens.  Sportsman: J. Farmer, P. Smith, W. Mallett.  Thursday 15 June, Winners:  D. Dolan, C. Marcinkus, S. Sparke.  Sportsman:  H. Sparke, A. Sbrizzi.  Saturday 17 June,  Winners:  D. Dolan, C. Marcinkus, S. Sparke.  Sportsman: C. Nielsen, L. Scougall.  Sunday 18 June, Past Presidents Friendship Day:  Samson Green, Winners:  L. Fisher, B. Taylor, A. King.  1st Runner Up:  P. Robinson, D. Robinson, B. Hofstetter.  2nd Runner Up:  J. Barritt, L. O'Shea, W. Smith.  Sportsman:  S. Ribbans, R. Ribbans, A. Merriman.  Centenary Green,  Winners:  C. Wills, P. Quinton, V. Schmidt.  1st Runner Up:  B. Pershouse, T. Seawright, S. Penningh.  2nd Runner Up:  H. Bowtell, E. Angrove, F. Millerick.  Sportsman:  C. Walker, K. Mason, G. Jackson.  Competition Results:  Ladies Triples A Final:  D. Dolan, C. Marcinkus, S. Sparke def. C. Nielsen, B. Pershouse, L. Scougall.  Mens B Grade Triples:  V. Schmidt, A. Edgerton, G. Van Haren def. R. Nikora, F. Millerick, G. Elworthy.  Competition Call:Saturday 24th  Mens Handicap Singles:  K. Bolam v J. Clough.  Mens Championship Triples:  C. Wills, R. Nikora, B. Hofstetter v V. Schmidt, F. Millerick, G. Van Haren.  Selectors: Tuesday 20th  H. Sparke.  Thursday 22nd  D. Petersen, J. Clough. Saturday 24th , J. Craig.  
Upcoming Events: Tuesday 20th , Mens Bowls Committee Meeting at. 10am.  Thursday 22nd , Advanced Foot Care $420.00 Mixed Triples.  Skips responsible for own teams. Saturday 15 th. and Sunday 16 th. July Open fours any combination $5000 prize money sponsored by TAKLEVANS, BULL FINANCIAL,and NIAGARA Furniture. Playing days Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  and Saturday ,Visitors and Ladies welcome. Phone the Club 41513183 or John