Bowls Notes 17th March 2018

posted 18 Mar 2018, 00:16 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:-Tuesday$420 Day sponsored by SCOTT BURKE ELECTRICAL Winners Sampson Green F.Dewhurst D.Jensen N.Jarvis. Runners Up B.Pershouse R.Horwell B.Stehbens.  Sportsmen J.Wilkie C.Marcinkus R.Moisel. Foundation Green Winners A.Holt J.Clough B.Mann. Runners Up S.Sparke E.Hopton H.Sparke. Sportsmen G.Roberts E.Angove V.Schmidt. Thursday Winners M.Delaney D.Petersen C.Rankin. Sportsmen C.Leyden J.Wilkie W.George. Saturday Winners A.Holt R.Nikora. Sportsmen M.Ole S.Shepherd H.Sparke.Competition Results A grade singles A.Holt Def. J.Francis. A grade pairs  R.Moisel B.Newton Def. W.George R.Harrison. Selectors Tuesday G.Mallett.  Thursday  D.Petersen V.Schmidt. Saturday J.Craig. Competition Call for Tuesday 20th March A Grade Pairs J.Clough A.Holt Ver. V.Schmidt R.Ribbans. Friday 23rd March A grade Singles  B.Mann Ver. D.Mann. Marker J.Clough. Saturday 24th. A.Holt Ver. Winner of this game. Marker J.Clough.  Coming Events Tuesday  20th. March Committee Meeting (Men) 10.30 Start. Thursday  22nd. March $420 day Sponsored by ADVANCED Saturday 21st April ROSS GRAY $1500 Day open fours,9am start, List on Notice Board. Playing Days Tuesday Thursday Friday  and Saturday phone the Club on 0466336317 or John