Bowls Notes 17th November 2019

posted 16 Nov 2019, 18:02 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results: Tuesday 12 November, $420.00 Mixed Triples, sponsored by Bull Financial, Samson Green Winners, E. Hopton, M. Stumbles, O. Hocking. Runners Up, G. Purches, K. Mitchell, H. Schmidt. Sportspersons, G. Ferguson, D. Goodman-Jones, V. Mallett. Foundation Green Winners, Gale, Gavin, Horst. Runners Up, Ross, Des, R. Pershouse. Sportspersons, R. Bench, V. Smith, D. Rye. Thursday 14 November, Winners, E. Lutz, J. Clough. Sportspersons, G. Purchess, P. Lovell, T. Lear. Saturday 16 November, Winners, L. Quinn, D.Petersen, A.Edgerton. Sportspersons, A. Holt, J. Clough, B. Mann. Selectors, Tuesday 19 November, H. Schmidt, V. Schmidt. Thursday 21 November, R. Peatey, G. Mallett. Saturday 16 November, J. Clough. Competition Results, Club Open Mens Triples, B. Fryer, P. Skelton, G. Mallett def A. Holt, J. Clough, B. Mann. Open Mixed Fours, C. Daniel, V. Schmidt, H. Schmidt, J. Francis def P. Robinson, V. Stewart, D. Robinson, G. Stewart. Competition Call, Thursday 21 November, Open Mixed Pairs, M. Foster, J. Clough v A. Edgerton, M. Nicol. Saturday 23 November, Open Mixed Fours, K. Itzstein, A. Edgerton, R. Lear, G.Van Haren v J. Reed, Lady, P. Brown, G. Mallett. D. Dolan, M. Foster, J. Clough, B. Mann v K. Mitchell, T. Jarvis, R. Moisel, V. Jarvis. Upcoming Events, Tuesday 19 November, Club Meeting at 10.00 a.m. All Members welcome followed by Mixed Social Bowls. Saturday 23 November, Competition and Mixed Social Bowls.. Friday 22 November, Bundaberg Bowls Club Trivia Night starting at 7.30 p.m. Organize your Team of 6 and nominate. More Teams would be great. Thursday 28 November, $420.00 Mixed Triples sponsored by Bundaberg Eye Clinic. Skips responsible for own teams. Mixed Social Bowls on normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Names in by 12.30 p.m. commencing at 1.00 p.m.  Call  the Club on 41513183 or John