Bowls Notes 19th July 2021

posted 19 Jul 2021, 00:50 by Bowls Committee

Tuesday 13th July :  Mixed Triples $420.00 Day sponsored by Friendly Society Private Hospital.

Samson Green:

Winners: G. Ferguson, V. Mallett, W. Seawright.  Runners Up:  F. Millerick, K. Aykens, P. Aykens.  Sportspersons: S. Hucker, J. Reed, Horst..

Foundation Green:

Winners:  K. Itzstein, H. Chaplin, J. Gilbert.  Runners Up:  M. Hillier, A. Warner, B. Frawley.  Sportsersons:  D. Rye, Erica, J. Kemp.

Thursday 17th July:   

Winners:  D. Francis, J. Francis.  Sportspersons:  V. Schmidt, C. Marcinkus.  

Saturday 17th July:  

Winners:  R. Harrison, D. Cooke, B. McKinnon.  Sportspersons:  G. Purches, P. Ward, B. Lowndes.

Mens Competition Results:

Final B Grade Singles:  V. Schmidt def D. Harding.

Ladies Competition Results:


Mixed Pairs Results:  

J. Barrett, B. McKinnon def R. Carey, K. Evans. ~ S. Sparke, B. Lowndes def J. Clough, D. Brady. ~ J. Dingle, H. Dingle def J. Reed, P. Skelton ~ F. Dewhurst, M. Nicol def S. Hucker, F. Millerick. ~ M. Zacher, D. Harding def K. Mitchell, T. Lincoln.


Tuesday 20th July:  K. Itzstein, J. Clough. Thursday 22nd July: D. Harding, M. Zacher. Saturday 24th July: S. Ribbans, R. Ribbans.  

District Mens Champion of Champions Singles Competition:

D. Austin (Burnett Bowls Club) won the Final on Sunday afternoon in a very close contest against T. McCrystal (Brothers Bowls Club).  

Thanks to R. Ribbans and G. Mallett for Umpiring the Singles Event and also all Club Members who Marked the games over the weekend.


Mixed Competition Call:

Tuesday 27th July: 

J. Nikora, R. Russell v H. McKinnon, R. Nikora. ~ R. Lear, R. Pershouse v K. Aykens, P. Aykens. ~ M. Zacher, D. Harding v F. Dewhurst, M. Nicol. ~ D. Francis, J. Francis v S. Sparke, B. Lowndes. 

Upcoming Events:    

Tuesday 20th July:  BOM Meeting at 10.00 a.m.  All members are welcome to attend.  Social Bowls and Competitions at 1.00 p.m.

Thursday 22nd July:  $400.00 Mixed Triples sponsored by Advanced Foot Care.

Saturday 24th July:  $600.00 Mixed Triples sponsored by Bundaberg Marineland. (1.00 p.m. Start)

Tuesday 27th July:  Social Bowls and Competitions (1.00 p.m.)

Thursday 29th July:  Social Bowls and Competitions (1.00 p.m.)

Saturday 31st July:  Mens Pennant Season begins.