Bowls Notes 19th November 2016

posted 20 Nov 2016, 01:20 by Bowls Committee

Weeks results:- Tuesday Winners J.Francis B.Ross. Sportsmen J.Clough K.Diplock. Thursday Winners B.Hofstetter W.Downie. Sportsmen B.Ross H.Sparke. Saturday Winners J.Scougall B.Ross. Sportsmen M.Ole B.Hofstetter. Selectors for TuesdayJ.Francis Thursday D.Petersen J.Clough. Saturday J.Craig. Coming Events:- Tuesday 22 November Social Bowls. Thursday 24th. November $420 Day sponsored day sponsored by Advanced Foot Care. Skips responsible for own teams. Friday  25th. November club trivia night and cent sale. 7.30 Start. Saturday 26th. November Social Bowls and Barefoot Bowls. Playing Days Tuesday Thursday Friday, Visitors and Ladies welcome.