Bowls Notes 22nd April 2017

posted 23 Apr 2017, 02:17 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:-Tuesday Winners G.Selly V.Schmidt.Sportsmen H.Bowtell L.Nielsen.Thursday Winners J.Clough V.Stewart. Sportsmen J.Nikora H.Sparke. Saturday Winners M.Ole  sportsman K.Bolum.
Competition Results . Final championship fours B.Hofstetter J.Clough G.Elworthy W.Smith Def. A.Edgerton G Van Haren R.Campbell V.Schmidt.  Consistency Singles M.Ole Def. S.White . D.Petersen Def. K.Bolum.
Selectors Tuesday G.VanHaren .Thursday D.Petersen J.Clough. Saturday J.Craig.Competition Call Saturday 29th. April, Champion Triples W.Smith G.ElworthyJ.Clough.Ver.R.Campbell J.Carter G.VanHaren.  Championship Singles K.Bolum Ver J.Scougall. R.Moisel Ver B.Hofstetter .  B Grade Singles V.Schmidt Ver. F.Millerick. Coming Events :- Tuesday ANZAC DAY Social Bowls, 1pm. Start. Thursday 27th. $420 Day sponsored by ADVANCED FOOT CARE,Skips responsible for own team. Playing Days Tuesday Thursday Friday and Saturday, visitors and ladies welcome. Phone the club on 41513183 or John