Bowls Notes 22nd March 2020

posted 21 Mar 2020, 17:39 by Bowls Committee
Tuesday 17th March sponsored by Kerry Bolam Associates 
Samson Green  Winners:  G.VanHaren, K.Mitchell, B.Foster.  Runners Up:  L.O’Shea, T.Winnings, B.Williams.  Sportsperson: J.Williams, J.Nikora, R.Nikora. 
Foundation Green  Winners:  J.Hearn, A.Pershouse.  Runners Up:  P.Lovell, G.Miles, R.Russell. Sportsperson:  J.Beck, H.Dingle, P.Sexton. 
Thursday 19th March   Winners:  W.George, S.Hucker, B.McKinnon.  Sportsperson:  G.Selley, G.VanHaren. 
Saturday 21st March   Winners:  M.Nicol, D.Petersen, B.McKinnon.  Sportsperson:   L.Poulsen, J.Dingle, H.Dingle. 
Selectors:  Tuesday 24th March:  D.Petersen, M.Nicol. Thursday  26th March:  H.Schmidt, V.Schmidt. Saturday 28th March:  J.Clough. 
Competition Call  MEN:  Sat 28th March: 
A.Grade Singles:   J.Francis  V  B.Lowndes   Marker  V.Schmidt.   B.Mann   M.Stumbles   Marker J.Clough. 
B.Grade Pairs - P.Skelton,  M.Delaney  V  T.Lincoln,  R.Nikora. 
Competition Call LADIES:  No Call 26th March. 
Upcoming events:  Thursday 26th $420 day sponsored by Optical Superstore.
Mixed Social Bowls on normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Names in by 12.30 p.m. commencing at 1.00 p.m.  Call the Club on 41513183 or John