Bowls Notes 23rd August 2020

posted 23 Aug 2020, 16:37 by Bowls Committee

Tuesday 18 August:

Samson Green:

Winners, G.Purches, S. Ribbans, R. Ribbans. Runners Up, C. Suzor, B. Hofstetter, L. Hofstetter. Sportspersons, K. Mitchell, F. Dewhurst, P. Brown.

Foundation Green:

Winners, Ellis, V. Sauer, J. Schluter. Runners Up, Mike, John, Dawn. Sportspersons, P. Skelton, J. Francis, B. Newton.

Thursday 20 August:

Samson Green:

Winners, Sharon, Sandy, Tulu. Sportspersons, T. Lear, B. McKinnon, D. Wells . 

Foundation Green:

Winners, B. Hofstetter, V. Sauer, J. Schluter. Sportspersons, W. Horn, K. Cook, K. Cook.

Competition Results:  Ladies Singles Final, M. Nicol def C. Marcinkus.  Well done ladies for the second year in a row.

Mens Singles Final, B. Mann def B. Lowndes

Mens B Grade Singles, T. Lincoln def L. Poulsen.  D. Harding def M. Delaney.

SELECTORS:  Tuesday 25 August: M. Nicol. Thursday 27 August: K. Mitchell, J. Clough.  Saturday 29 August: J. Clough.

LADIES PENNANTS: Teams: H. McKinnon, K. Itzstein, M. Zucher, M. Nicol.  N. Lincoln, J. Reed, S. Sparke, C. Marcinkus. (Starting Tuesday 1 September at 9.30 a.m.)

Thursday 27 August,  Ladies Pennant Team practice at 10.00 a.m.


Division 2: Bargara def Bundaberg.  Division 3: Bundaberg def Isis.  Division 4: Bargara def Bundaberg.


Division 2: Bundaberg v Gin Gin.  Division 3: Bundaberg v Moore Park.  Division 4: East v Bundaberg.

Teams try to be here to practise by 12.00 p.m please. 

Upcoming Events:     

Tuesday 25 August, 

Mixed Social Bowls. 

Mens B Grade Singles: V. Schmidt v D. Harding (9.30 a.m.)

Thursday 27 August,

Mixed Triples  $420.00 Day Sponsored by Bull Financial.

Saturday 29 August,  Pennants and Social Bowls. 

Monday 24 August, Cards Afternoon starts again.

Mixed Social Bowls on normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

All Players need to have your names down on the Sheets a day prior to the Games to assist John with the organization.  

Please remember Social Distancing Rules and personal hygiene.