Bowls Notes 23rd July 2016

posted 28 Jul 2016, 01:43 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:- Tuesday Winners W.George D.Mason  Sportsmen F.Rowe T.Williams. Thursday Winners K.Dowie J.Dowie. Sportsmen K.Small V.Schmidt. Saturday Winners K.Dowie C.Rankin Sportsmen W.Smith K.Bolam M.Ole. Sunday Guys and Girls $300 day Winners M.Hillier V.Schmidt F.Millerick. Runners up R.Peaty K.Mitchell G.Mallett. 2nd. Runners up R.Moisel L.O’Shea C.Marcinkus. Sportsmen D.Petersen D.Robinson F.Rowe.Selectors  Tuesday G.Mallett Thursday D.Petersen J.Clough Saturday J.Craig. Coming Events :- Thursday 4th August Bill Smith sponsored Birthday Boys,$300 open triples List on the board, Thursday 28th. July $420 day sponsored by Optical Super Store, Skips responsible for own team. Friday 29th. July Special general meeting for all club members. 9.30 start.Tuesday 6th September Ross Gray Mens $1500 day , names on list on the board. Playing days Tuesday Thursday and Saturday visitors and ladies welcome. Phone the Club on 41 513183 or John