Bowls Notes 26th October 2019

posted 27 Oct 2019, 00:07 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results: Tuesday 22 October, Winners, P. Robinson, D. Robinson, V. Schmidt. Runners Up, K. Mitchell, G. Mallett. Sportspersons, L. Nielsen, B. Newton. Thursday 24 October, $420.00 Mixed Triples sponsored by Dr Jai Eye Clinic, Samson Green Winners, V. Stewart, K. Mitchell, G. Stewart. Runners Up, P. Gillard, P. Brown.  Sportspersons, C. Smith, B. Farlew, B. Druce. Foundation Green Winners, E. Angove, J. Wilkie, R. Moisel. Runners Up, M. Foster, A. Holt, B. Mann. Sportspersons, P. Lovell, T. Lear, J. Jones. Saturday 26 October, Winners, L. Quinn, A. Holt, R. Chambers. Sportspersons, V. Schmidt, D. Petersen, G. Selley. Selectors, Tuesday 29 October, M. Nicol, G. Mallett. Thursday 31 October, D. Petersen, H. Schmidt. Saturday 2 November, J. Clough. Competition Call, Saturday 2 November, Mixed Pairs, A. Edgerton, M. Nicol v J. Reed, G. Reed. K. Itzstein, W. George v K. Mitchell, G. Van Haren. Thursday 7 November, Mixed Pairs, M. Foster, J. Clough v M. Dick, B. Fryer. Saturday 9 November, A Grade Triples, B. Fryer, A Player, G. Mallett v C. Suzer, B. Hofstetter, G. Stewart. Upcoming Events, 29 October, $420.00 Day sponsored by Ross Gray Motors. Thursday 31 October, All Club members to attend the Opening of the Club New Facilities at 1.00 p.m. Social Bowls follows and Members wear your Club Uniforms. Tuesday 5 November, Melbourne Cup Day Function, Social Bowls $5.00 and Luncheon $25.00. Closing Date for Nomination Friday 1 November if you are wishing to attend; names on the Sheet provided. Social Bowls on normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Names in by 12.30 p.m. commencing at 1.00 p.m.  Call  the Club on 41513183 or John