Bowls Notes 27th August 2016

posted 27 Aug 2016, 17:21 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:-Tuesday Winners J.Clough V.Sauer. Sportsmen J.Nikora V.Schmidt G.VanHaren. Thursday ADVANCED FOOTCARE $420 day Winners Samson Green J.Hooper V.Mallett K.Royen. Runners Up D.Francis S.Sparke G.Elworthy. Sportsmen M. Petersen Ron K.Steel. Foundation Green Winners Dusko P.Smith R.Trevor.Runners up A.Edgerton J.Mallett L.Donaldson. Sportsmen S.Ribbans R.Ribbans W.Smith. Saturday Winners A.Edgerton C.Rankin. Sportsmen V.Stewart D.Petersen. Pennants Results Division 7, Bundaberg DEF Burnett.Selectors Tuesday V.Schmidt H.Sparke. Thursday R.Ribbans. Saturday J.Craig. Coming Events Thursday 1st Sept Birthday Boys Mixed pairs, winners runners up sportsman. Tuesday 6th September ROSS GRAY $1500 Day,mens fours, 9am. start. Lunch included in nomination. Friday 2nd. September Trivia night, tables of 6.Cent sale and raffles. 7pm. start. Phone Joan Jones. Playing days Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, Visitors and Ladies welcome. Phone the club or Joan