Bowls Notes 27th May 2017

posted 27 May 2017, 22:14 by Bowls Committee
Results Tuesday 23rd May - Winners: J. Clough and P.Leahy,  Sportsmen:  W. Smith  andB. Hofstetter.

Thursday 25th May:  Planet Shades Sponsors:  Winners on Foundation Rink :  R. Peatey,  C. Smith and G.Mallett.  Runners up:  B. Hofstetter, V. Saure and G. Ayrton, Sportsmen:  T.. Jarvis,  ? Jarvis, B Farlow.  Winners on Samson Rink: M. Foster, M. Ole and J. Clough, Runners up - R. Nikora, C. Wells and L. McIntire and Sportsmen - J. Nikora, A. Holt and R. Machan.
Saturday 27th May, S. White, B. Hofstetter and J. Scougall defeated M. Ole, V. Schmidt and J. Clough.
Competition call for 3rd June, 2016: Championship triples: J. Clough, G. Elworthy and W. Smith  V  H. Bowtell. R. Moisel, K. Bolam.     M. Ole, J.Scougall and J. Francis  V  C. Wills, B. Hofstetter and R. Nikora.

Upcoming Events -  Tuesday 30th May,  Marineland Open Triples  -  1.00 p.m. start, $600 Prize money and some vacancies are available.    Thursday 1st June,  Birthday Prizes for Winners, Runners Up and Sportsmen. Saturday 3rd June -  Competition and social bowls,  Tuesday 6th June -  Ross Gray Day - $1800 Prize money, 9.00 a.m start - Open Fours - any combination   -  more teams required for this event please.
Selectors for Tuesday, J. Clough and D. Petersen, Thursday, J. Clough and Saturday J. Craig.
Our playing days are TuesdayThursdayFriday and Saturdays at 1.00 p.m., Green Fees $10.00 and names in by 12.30 p.m. please.  Visitors to Bundaberg and local bowlers are most welcome to joint us on any of these days and for further information please phone John Clough