Bowls Notes 29th July 2017

posted 31 Jul 2017, 00:37 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:- Tuesday  Winners V.Schmidt H.Sparke. Sportsmen L.O’Shea R.Nikora. Tuesday $420 day sponsored by OPTICAL SUPER STORE Winners Sampson Green A.Edgerton E.Hopton H.Sparke. Runners Up L.Davis F.Denhurst P.Brown. Sportsmen  J.Wilkie  Team. Foundation Green Winners Dusko G.Mallett W.Mallett. Runners Up I.Quartermain D.Jensen L.Charteris .Sportsmen E.Angove G.VanHaren F.Millerick. Saturday -  No social bowls as Club booked for Bare Foot Bowls.Selectors Tuesday  J.Clough G.VanHaren. Thursday  V.Schmidt. Saturday J.Craig. Coming Events Tuesday  1st. August $420 day sponsored by BULL FINANCIAL SERVICES. Tuesday 8th. August $420 day sponsored by INNSTYLE MENSLAND. Tuesday 5th. September $1800 day sponsored by ROSS GRAY . Three games of 16 ends, 9 am. start. Open Fours any combination. Playing days Tuesday, Thursday , Friday and Saturday , Visitors and Ladies welcome. Phone the club on 41513183 or John