Bowls Notes 30th Sept. 2017

posted 1 Oct 2017, 02:12 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results:- Tuesday 26 September, Winners:  K. Mitchell, G. Mallett. Sportsmen:  C. Layden, V. Schmidt, R. Moisel. Thursday 28 September, Des Allen Funerals $420.00 Mixed Triples Day, Winners: V. Stewart, A. Holt, G. Stewart. Runners-up: P. Robinson, D. Robinson, J. Scougall. Sportsmen: B. Hofstetter, A. Stephens, G. Ayrton. Winners: V. Sauer, J. Schluter, R. Pershouse. Runners-up: L. Steemson, P. Smith, R. Trevor. Sportsmen: A. Sprizzy, C. Grant, R. Moisel. Saturday 30 September, Winners: A. Edgerton, J. Francis, V. Schmidt. Sportsmen: P. Gillard, D. Petersen, J. Scougall.
Competition Results: B Grade Triples Final, A. Edgerton, J. Francis, V. Schmidt def P. Gillard, D. Petersen, J. Scougall. B Grade Pairs Final: P. Gillard, J. Scougall def S. White, D. Petersen. Competition Call: Saturday 7 October, B Grade Fours, F. Millerick, G. Elworthy, V. Schmidt, K. Bolam v H. Sparke, P. Gillard, D. Petersen, J. Scougall. Selectors: Tuesday 3 October, D. Petersen, V. Schmidt. Thursday 5 October, J. Clough. Saturday 7 October, J. Craig. Upcoming Events: Tuesday 3 October, Niagra $420.00 Mixed Triples Day. Thursday 5 October, Birthday Boys Mixed Pairs or Triples. Prizes for Winners, Runners-up and Sportsmen. Friday 13 October, CMCA Bowls Day. Tuesday 10 October, Rudy's Termite and Pest Control $420.00 Mixed Triples Day. Thursday 26 October, Bundy Eye Clinic $420.00 Mixed Triples Day. Tuesday 31 October, Bundaberg Marineland $600.00 Mixed Triples Day. Skips responsible for own teams.  Sunday 1 October, Final of the Anderson Shield: Woodgate def ATW.