Bowls Notes 3rd November 2018

posted 3 Nov 2018, 23:55 by Bowls Committee

Weeks Results :- Tuesday 29th Oct.$420.00.Mixed Triples sponsored day by  Bundaberg Takalvan,Samson Green Winners:  S.Sparke V. Saver B. Hofstetter.Runner Up: Ross, Des, Jim. Sportsmen: M. Dick K. Mitchell B.Newton. Foundation Green Winners: Terry  Seewright Warren Seewright  John Kemp.Runner Up: A. Edgerton G. van  Haren F. Millerick. Sportsmen: P. Robinson D. Robinson R. Moisel. Thursday 1st Nov. Winners: J. Scovcall   K. Mitchell R. Pershouse. Runner Up: S. Sparke & G. Elworthy. Sportsmen: V. Stewart & G. Stewart. Saturday 3rd Nov. Winners: A. Halt J. Clough B. Mann. Sportsmen: R. Hill B. Hofstetter W. George. COMPETITION  RESULTS: Championship TRIPLES FINAL: Halt J. Clough B. Mann def. C. Rankin A Eversham  G. Elworthy. Selectors: Tuesday J. Clough, Thursday V. Schmidt, Saturday J Craig. NO COMPETITION CALL: Upcoming Events: Tues; 6th Nov Mel. Cup Bowl and Lunch is CLOSED NO ROOM. Tuesday 13th Nov. $420.00 sponsored Afternoon by BULL FINANCES           Playing days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, names by 12.30. Play  starts at 1.00 p.m. Visitors and ladies welcome. Phone the Club on 41513183 or John