Bowls Notes 4th Oct 2020

posted 3 Oct 2020, 17:34 by Bowls Committee

Weeks results:

Tuesday 29th September:

Samson Green:

Winners: T. Lincoln. Runners Up: Roly, G.Purches, A.Sbrizze. Sportspersons: R.Nikora, K.Mitchell, R.Ribbans.

Foundation Green:

Winners: John, Ross, Des. Runners Up: B. McCarthy, B.McDermott, C.Watt. Sportspersons: Karen, Ted, R.Russell

Thursday 1st October : 

Samson Green:

Winners: B.McKinnon, G.VanHaren, J.Francis. Runners Up: R.Tonkin, P.Pitt, B.Dilg. Sportspersons: M.McKernick, R.Sydennam, A.Edgerton.

Foundation Green:

Winners:R.Holberg, D.Ivins, C.Watt. Runners Up:G.Miles, G.Cahill, A.Powell. Sportspersons: D.McCarthy, Rocky, B.McCarthy 

Saturday 3rd October:

Winners, D.Petersen, J.Nikora, V.Stewart. Sportspersons, M.Foster, J.Clough

Competition Results:

Mens A Grade Pairs: G.Mallett, C. Suzor, def L.Poulsen, M.Stumbles.

Mens B Grade Singles Final: T.Lincoln def V.Schmidt

Mens Triples: L.Lowndes, M.Stumbles, L.Poulsen def. G.Mallett, P.Skelton, B.Fryer.

Mixed Pairs: H.Dingle, K.Mitchell def J.Clough, M.Foster.                                     

Competition Call:  

Thursday 8th October:

Ladies Pairs: L.Gillam S.Warren v. K.Itzstein J.Jones.

 Ladies Fours:J.Barrett, H.Schmidt, M.Zacher, M.Nicol v. C.Daniel, D.Francis, E.Hopton, C.Marcinkus.

Saturday 10th October:

Mens Pairs: J.Clough, B.Fryer v. B.Mann, G.Stewart. 

Mens Triples:F.Millerick, T.Lear, D.Petersen v. H.Dingle, D.Harding, B.McKinnon. 

                     W.Smith, R.Ribbans, V.Schmidt v. B.Lowndes, B.Hofstetter, M.Stumbles.     

   SELECTORS:  Tuesday 6th October: K. Mitchell, K. Itzstein. Thursday 8th October: M. Nicol. Saturday 10th          October: J. Clough.

Upcoming Events:     

Tuesday 6th October: $420 Mixed Triples sponsored by Rudy's Pest & Termite Control.

Thursday 8th October:Social Bowls and Comp.

Saturday 10th October: Social Bowls  and Comp.  

Tuesday 13th October: $420 Mixed Triples sponsored by Dr.Jai Eye Center.

Thursday 15th October: Social Bowls

Saturday 17th October: $600 Mixed Triples sponsored by Takalvans Caravans.

Donations are now being accepted for our Annual Christmas Raffle, please. 

Mixed Social Bowls on normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 1.00 p.m.

All Players need to have your names down on the Sheets or ring John a day prior to the Games to assist John with the organization.  

Please remember your covid responsibilites