Bowls Notes 7th June 2020

posted 7 Jun 2020, 02:43 by Bowls Committee
June 7 2020 Roll-Ups Newsletter.
Welcome to the Bundaberg Bowls Club Inc. June Newsletter.
I hope you are all well and looking forward to Stage 2 Roll-Ups. We will now be able to have 20
bowlers on each Green with up to 4 on each Rink, a maximum of 5 Rinks per Green.
During this week we will continue Roll Ups, the same as last week..
Roll-Ups will continue this Tuesday 9 June at the Bundaberg Bowls Club.
Bundaberg Bowls Club will organize the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Roll Ups.
The play periods will be – 9.00 to 10.30; 10.45 to 12.15; 12.30 to 2.00; that is 3 periods each day.
When restrictions are lifted further in the future we will alter these periods and numbers
You must have a booking to play.
Green Fees will be $5.00 a player per session to help cover the costs of preparing the Greens etc.
Nominations will be by phone between 8.00a.m. and 10.00a.m. each day from now.
Phone John Clough on 0419643079.
Entry/Exit will be via the Main Front Door and you will need to sign in.
If you are not feeling well before your nominated session let John know early so he can fill your
place with a stand-by bowler. Dress Code is Mufti or otherwise.
The Bar will be open for refreshments, including alcohol.
Toilets will be open as per usual.
As soon as your time is up you must leave the premises, no sitting around and no congregating
in the Carpark afterwards. The next group will be arriving and Club members will be cleaning
and sanitizing toilets, basins, mats and jacks for the next session.
See you on the Greens!
John Clough (President) Marcia Nicol (President)

From Bowls Queensland :-
Following the Queensland State Government announcing stage 2 “Easing of Restrictions” regarding
COVID-19, Bowls Queensland are part of an Industry COVID Safe Plan which covers affiliated Bowls
Clubs in Queensland. Please note this plan only relates to the playing of bowls and not operations
within the Club.
Bowls Queensland form part of an Industry COVID Safe Plan created by the QSport Outdoor Sport
Group and the QLD Sport & Rec Department, this plan has been approved by the QLD Chief Health
Officer. Clubs QLD along with the QLD Hotels Association and the RSL & Services Clubs Association
have developed an Industry COVID Safe Plan for the inside operations of clubs which has also been
approved by the CHO. The relevant plans relate to their relevant area, please refer to page 2 of the
Outdoor Sport Industry COVID Safe Plan for more information.
Separate entry and exit points should be used for the greens and the club house.
All Bowls Clubs should be aware of and abide by the provisions in the Outdoor Sports Industry
COVID Safe Plan and the QLD Chief Health Officer’s public health directions which apply to our
industry. The QLD Health website provides these directions. This plan will be updated when any
directions from the QLD Chief Health Officer change and will be emailed to clubs. The Industry Plans
will form part of the venues overall COVID-Safe Operating Plan and Procedures.

This document is designed specifically for Bowls Clubs to be able to develop an individual COVID-
19 Management Plan specific to their needs. Not all controls will be practicable in all venues and the

guidance contained within should provide the framework for each venue to adopt to its individual
operational needs and differences.
Bowls QLD strongly urge people to abide by the rules set out by each club or risk penalty from
relevant authorities.
Stage 2: 5 June – 9 July 2020
• Up to 4 people can bowl on a rink.
• There must be a minimum of a 2-metre space between each rink in use.
• A maximum of 5 rinks to be used on each green.
• No more than 20 people are permitted to bowl on each green at any one time.
• Refer to diagram in Appendix A for example of configuration.
Guidelines & Recommendations
• The responsibility lies with individual clubs to ensure that they are fully aware of and
compliant with the QLD State Government advice and all guidelines are adhered to. Strict
safety and health protocols must be in place. Clubs must engage any staffing/volunteers
required as necessary to fulfil the guidelines including any marshalling to achieve social
• A maximum of four people can bowl together on a rink, there should be a maximum of two
people at each end using alternate sides of the rink while changing ends, the 1.5m social
distancing rule is to be observed at all times.
• Clubs will need to implement a booking system (preferably online or via phone) to facilitate
rink bookings including a start and finish time, to conform with guidelines. A register of
attendees will be kept.
• Individuals must not congregate on the premises, arrive within 5 minutes of scheduled
starting time and leave the premises immediately after the conclusion and cleaning of

• A changeover period must be implemented between groups to ensure gatherings are avoided
and allow cleaning and sanitising of communal and shared facilities.
• Disinfectant spray must be made available, all mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned
by players, volunteers or staff between each session.
• Bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, cloths etc), players should
not touch other people’s bowls.
• Hand sanitiser is to be made available at the entrance to the club and beside each green in
• Players should practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for at least 20
seconds before and after bowls.
• Outdoor-accessible toilets to be open and hand washing facilities should be available.
• Clubs must display signage throughout the venue regarding COVID Safe practices.
• Clubs must have in place, and follow the Outdoor Sport Industry COVID Safe Plan checklist.
Review and Risk Management
• Clubs need to regularly review the effectiveness of the steps put in place to measure success
or evaluate risks.
• Review systems to make sure they are consistent with current directions from QLD Health.
This site is operating in compliance
with an Industry COVID Safe Plan
A copy of the Industry COVID Safe Plan may be found at:
• Follow the rules and keep us all safe
• Practice social distancing
• Wash your hands regularly
• Be prepared to leave your contact details for tracing purposes
• This is a COVID SAFE site