Bowls Notes 7th May 2016

posted 7 May 2016, 23:36 by Bowls President
Result from Tuesday  3rd May:  Winners J. Scougall and M. Ole,  Sportsmen  L. Nielsen, G.. Selly and C. Nielsen
                    Thursday 5th May: Winners J. Francis and H. Bowtell ,  Runners up:  W. Smith and J. Barrett, Sportsmen  K. Small and J. Van Haren
                    Saturday 6th May  Winners  R.Moisel H. Bowtell,  Sportsmen  C. Rankin and D. Petersen.

Competition Results:  Final A Grade Singles G. Stewart defeated J. Clough. Congratulations to you both on reaching the final.
Club Mixed Pairs:  F. Millerick and K. Ole defeated E. Angove and F. Rowe
Selectors:Tuesday D. Petersen and J. Francis,  Thursday  L. Nielson,  Saturday John Craig.
COMPETITION CALL for  14th May, 2016.  B. fours  -  H. Bowtell, R. Ross, J. Francis and H. Sparke  V    D. Petersen, V. Schmidt, N. Whitworth and F. Millerick
Mixed Pairs:  S. Sparke and R. Moisel   V   J. Barrett and W. Smith

Coming events -  Committee meeting 10 a.m. Tuesday 17th May,  Marineland $630 afternoon on 31st May, 1.00 p.m. start, open triples and please wear uniforms on this day.  Tuesday 10th May $360 sponsored by Des Allen Funerals.