Bowls Notes 8th October 2016

posted 8 Oct 2016, 21:48 by Bowls Committee
Weeks Results :- Tuesday Winners V.Smith A.Edgerton Sportsmen D.Mason D.Petersen. Thursday Winners G.Stewart R.Cambell Runners Up K.Small V.Schmidt Sportsmen W.Smith J.Nowell. Saturday WinnersD.Mason K.Boland H.Sparke. Sportsmen H.Bowtell D.Petersen K.Small. Selectors Tuesday J.Clough D.Petersen. Thursday J.Scougall. Saturday J.Craig. Coming E vents Tuesday 11th. October $360 day sponsored by Optical
      Superstore. Thursday 27th. October $420 Day sponsored by Bundaberg Eye Clinic. Skips responsible for own team.  Sunday 30th.October Ivan Stockwell  Memorial Shield.9.30 Start mixed triples .List on the board. Playing days Tuesday Thursday and Saturday Visitors and Ladies welcome.