Bowls Notes week beginning 14th June 2020

posted 12 Jun 2020, 03:18 by Bowls Committee
June 2020 Roll-Ups Newsletter
Welcome to the Bundaberg Bowls Club Inc. June 12th Newsletter.
I hope you are all well and looking forward to continuing Stage 2 Roll-Ups. There have been
changes by Bowls QLD and the Chief Health Officer; we can now have 20 bowlers on each Green
per session (i.e. 40 bowlers per session)
During next week we will continue Roll Ups but things will be organized differently.
Roll-Ups will continue next Tuesday 16 th June at the Bundaberg Bowls Club.
Bundaberg Bowls Club will organize the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Roll
Ups. Note there will not be any Saturday Roll Ups next week.
The play period will be – 10.00 to 11.30 and 12.00 to 1.30; most bowlers have indicated that they
would like to bowl for 3 hours now. However if you only wish to bowl for half that time then when
you book in with John you will need to let him know and you may be accommodated.
Green Fees will be $10.00 a player for 3 hours and $5.00 for half Session to help cover the costs
of preparing the Greens etc.
Those bowlers attending the full 3 hour session can have Morning Tea and biscuits; a Gold
Coin donation would be appreciated to defray costs of running the Club at this point in time when
no money is coming in.
Game nominations will be by phone between 8.00a.m. and 10.00a.m. each day from now or let
John know on the day you come for a Roll Up.
Phone John Clough on 0419643079.
Entry/Exit will be via the Club Main Entrance.
Each session will be on a first in basis so have a second and third choice session in mind.
Also if you are not feeling well before your nominated session let John know early so he can fill
your place with a stand-by bowler. Dress Code is Mufti or otherwise.
The Club Bar will be open to provide refreshments.
The Cold Water Fountains will be turned on.
Ladies Toilets will be open by the Patio Entrance; Mens Toilets will be open by the Bar
As soon as your time is up you must leave the premises, no sitting around and no congregating
in the Carpark afterwards.
At the present time next Tuesday is already booked out but there are vacancies on the other
days, but you must be quick.
See you on the Greens!
John Clough (President) Marcia Nicol (President)