Ladies Club History


Bundaberg Ladies' Bowling Club Inc.

1941 - 1991

The meeting to form the Bundaberg Ladies' Bowling Club was held in the Pavilion of the Bundaberg Bowling  Club on Thursday, 2nd October, 1941 at 8.00 pm. The Chairman was Mr. L.G. Scotney, President on the Men's Club, who was accompanied by office bearers and committee members.

Ladies in attendance were Mesdames W.A. Shield, L.G. Scotney, E. Parsloe, J. Webb, E. Jorgensen, J. Richardson, L.L. Castles, W. McKay, A. Graham, J. Phillips, J. Salter, G .Glover, A. Palm, B. Palm, H.J. Rasmussen, C. Devenay, J. Barrett, S. Gammie, E.A. Nielsen, W.G. Batchler. Apologies were received for Mesdames W.J. Limpus, S. Miller, G. Tesch, A. Gooderham.

Election of Officers:- President: Mrs. W.A. Shield; Hon. Secretary - Treasurer: Mrs. W. Batchler; Vice Presidents: Mrs. L.G. Scotney, E. Parsloe; Committee: Mesdames E.A. Nielsen, L.L. Castles, W. McKay, G. Glover, S. Jorgensen. Auditor: Mr. W.A. Shield; Sole  Selector: Mrs E.A. Nielsen.

Three days were put forward as possible playing days and after a vote Friday was the chosen day. Play commenced on Friday, 10th October, 1941.

Membership Fee was set at one guinea per annum with 10/6 being paid to the Men's Club.

Green Fee 1/- which included afternoon tea. Mrs. Hendy was requested to attend to afternoon tea on playing days at the handsome sum of 3/- however not long after she was given a rise of 2/-.

The first committee meeting was held on Tuesday, 7th October, 1941 at 7.45pm. In the early formation of the club a credit balance of £13.3.6. was considered very favourable and accounts for payment a mere £1.5.5. How different from todays obligations. Playing time was set at 2.30pm with a ten minute break for afternoon tea.

Mr. Parsloe was appointed as coach for the Ladies' Club.

We noted that printing by Glovers was done for 3/10 and wonder what it covered.

In 1942 the club organised a mixed bowls and card afternoon in aid of Red Cross etc. for the war effort and continued for an indefinite period.

Before the "Samson Green" came into existence the ladies had the use of a small Green situated in the park adjacent to the Foundation Green.

The Ladies' Club has had many talented bowlers over the years both within our former Wide Bay Burnett Association and present Bundaberg District Ladies' Bowling Association. State Fours honours were achieved by A. Graham, V. Lutherborrow, A. Johnstone & E. Emerick with S. Heidke representing Queensland verses New South Wales as well as being runner up in the State Singles.

The Club has prospered over the years and we have much to be grateful for, not the least being to remember the work and foresight of the founding members both men and women. We are honoured with the support given by so many on this our 50th Anniversary and trust that all bowlers have had an enjoyable day  making new friends and reminiscing with former members. Thank you all for your good wishes and may we meet again in the near future .

Life Members - Mrs B. Batchler, H. Gibson, V. Gultzow, M. McCracken, D. Newman.-- 1991